Case Studies - Stylite EPS 100 Geofill - Barnsley Market

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Project:Remodelling and Expansion of Market Building
Location:Barnsley, South Yorkshire
Sector: Civil Engineering
System: Stylite EPS100 Geofill
Size: Phase 1 (500m3 approx.)


Stylite EPS Geofill offered the following key benefits to our client:


Despite investment over the last 20 years, Barnsley still faces economic and social problems and its economy is too small for the size of the borough. To meet the challenge of restructuring and growing the local economy, the Council launched a three year development proposal for Barnsley town centre in 2014.

Client Requirement

The plan was to create more new businesses, more job opportunities and better skills and training for Barnsley people. Part of this plan was to develop the “Glass Works Area” of the town centre which included construction of a new library, revamped town square and remodelling and extending the market building. The market extension required numerous access ramps and stairs along with modifications to the floor levels to accommodate drainage systems. Following surveys there was a restriction on the maximum loading that could be applied to the ground. Designers therefore had to consider the weight of materials used in the construction.

Design Solution

Stylite EPS100 Geofill was specified as it is an ultra lightweight structural fill solution, manufactured from Expanded Polystyrene (EPS). Weighing just 20kg/m3, which is approximately 1% the weight of soil, it is significantly lighter than traditional fill materials. This made it the ideal choice as it could be used as a void fill to create the ramps, stairs and raised floors without adding any significant dead loads to the underlying ground.

The density of Geofill specified was EPS100 meaning it had a compressive strength of 100kPa at 10% deformation as classified in BS EN 13163:2012+A2:2016. This was calculated to be more than adequate to carry the weight of the 75mm concrete topping and the assumed live and dead loads once the market was complete.

For the access ramps we were able to manufacture tapered pieces of EPS in our factory and supply these to site labelled and numbered according to their installation position as identified on drawings. This minimised wastage, reduced the time spent cutting on site and provided a simple yet accurate installation.


EPS Geofill has successfully been installed in the market extension project. Its lightweight yet high compression properties have proved to be essential characteristics to achieve the required results. Add to this the speed at which the large pieces of EPS could be laid and simplicity of installation then the outcome is a cost effective and fit for purpose solution.

“By using EPS Geofill as the void fill material we have been able to vastly reduce the amount of expensive concrete required whilst also making sure the maximum loading on the existing ground was not exceeded. The speed of installation is a huge benefit as there is no compaction or curing times to consider.”
Project Manager, Main Contractor

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