Our Environment Policy


At SPI we operate under the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, this includes every aspect of the business from our manufacturing facility, transport through to our offices. We undergo regular audits by an independent certification body, The British Assessment Bureau, so you can be assured we are constantly complying with the requirements of our certificate.

Our expanded polystyrene (EPS) is manufactured by introducing steam to the small raw bead material where the expansion process begins. We use steam again to expand the pre-formed bead into molulded shapes and blocks. Our state-of-the-art factory produces top quality products and is operated with strict quality control standards. No solid waste is produced as any broken or faulty products are ground up and recycled into the manufacturing process.

SPI expanded polystyrene (EPS) products are 100% recyclable and we have a waste collection service available to all our customers. Waste collected from customer sites is brought back to our factory where it is checked for contamination and once passed it is ground up and introduced back into the manufacturing process. If you have any clean EPS waste to dispose of, please contact us on 01274 691 777 to discuss how our recycling service can benefit you.

SPI expanded polystyrene (EPS) products are extremely lightweight which means that less fuel is used when transporting from factory to final destination. Our in-house transport department makes every effort to ensure each vehicle is fully laden before leaving and the routes carefully planned to minimise delivery journeys. This efficiency means we reduce our environmental impact to a minimum level.

Greenhouse Gases
No CFC’s (chloroflourocarbons), HCFC’s (hydrochloro-fluorocarbons) or HBCD's are used in the manufacture of our expanded polystyrene (EPS) therefore it's considered to be an environmentally friendly product. It has no harmful gasses resulting in zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and Global Warming Potential (GWP) ratings. EPS is completely safe to use as it produces no toxic particles at any point during its life cycle, unlike alternative materials.