Case Studies - Stylite T-Beam - North Yorkshire

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Project: Residential New Build Housing
Location: North Yorkshire
System:Stylite T-Beam Infill Insulation
Size: 323 Plots / 12,000m2


House builders face many problems during the construction of new homes, and are currently seeing a shortage of concrete blocks. The shortage is caused by a reduction in the availability of fresh Pulverised Fuel Ash (PFA), which is an essential ingredient of concrete blocks. Demand has been outstripping supply for months and as a result the cost of blocks has also risen sharply.

Client Requirement

To avoid any supply problems or costly on-site delays a national house builder wanted an alternative product to the traditional beam and concrete block floor for a development consisting of over 300 houses in North Yorkshire. Our client also wanted to achieve Part L Building Regulations for thermal performance and demonstrate an overall cost saving.

Design Solution

The unique Stylite T-Beam Suspended Floor Insulation was introduced to the clients design team, who quickly saw the benefits it offered and were keen to specify the system. SPI worked closely with the client and concrete beam manufacturer to design a holistic solution.

The Stylite T-Beam system comprises of lightweight Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) panels contour cut to suit the profile of the concrete beams. The interlocking EPS panels are installed between the beams with the “toe” extending underneath to provide the all round insulation and eliminating cold bridging.

The panels specified were 230mm deep EPS70 to achieve a U-value of 0.22 W/m2K meeting the clients requirements for Building Regulations. To complete the floor design a macro fibre concrete screed topping of 75mm was specified.

U-Value Achieved


We can complete a whole floor much quicker using T-Beam infills compared to using concrete blocks, and they are so light to carry.
site manager


The Stylite T-Beam Insulation offered the following key benefits to our client:


Stylite T-Beam is up to 25% quicker to install when compared to a traditional beam and concrete block floor. The infills are designed specifically to ease the installation process and therefore reduce labour time and costs. The site manager commented “We can complete a whole floor much quicker using T-Beam infills compared to using concrete blocks, and they are so light to carry.” “The lads can cut the polystyrene easily to fit around service pipes and the floor screed can go straight over the top without having to lay an insulation top sheet.”

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