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SPI design and manufacture a wide range of Expanded Polystyrene packaging solutions. Using the latest in profile cutting and moulding technology our in house design team are able to provide you with tailor made EPS packaging to suit your specific requirement. Trusted by the worlds leading manufacturers our sales and design team will guide you with any project from start to finish. Transport your bottles safely with our impact tested Bottle packs. Designed to prevent breakages during transport they also provide excellent insulation. For further information please contact our Sales Team on 01274 691 777.


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Edge Protector

Stylite EPS Edge Protector
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Stylite EPS Craddle
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Closed Corner

Stylite EPS Closed Corner
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Open Corner

Stylite EPS Open Corner
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Stylite EPS Tube
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Produce / Fish Box

Stylite EPS Box & Lid
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