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Product Overview

  • Protectsfoundations and concrete slabs from verticle ground heave movement
  • Available in widths to suit typical foundations
  • A variety of fail safe loads, making it easy to specify the right product
  • Suitable for installation with or without a blinding layer
  • Follows NHBC Technical Standards
  • Minimal water absorption & permeability
  • Resistant to mould or rot and degredation

Stylite ClayCell is used to protect foundations and concrete ground slabs against verticle ground heave. Each specific product grade has been specificly engineered to withstand a specific amount of force before they collapse. Each different grade of the product has a safe-load, a fail-load (amount of upward pressure) and will support a specific amount of wet concrete. For more information about the specific grades you can read out litariture.

Our technical team is always here to offer you advice and gudidnce when it comes to Stylite Clayfill. Call now for advice or a quotation on 01274 691 777.

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